Brodsworth Hall

On Monday 12th August, 18 members of Bakewell Croquet Club visited Brodsworth Hall and Gardens near Doncaster, now owned and run by English Heritage. We played croquet all day on lovely , well kept lawns and between games toured the Hall, a mid-Victorian country house and enjoyed walking round the gardens.

Alan and Billie


Club Tournament – 31st August 2013

Bakewell Croquet Club held a club tournament on the last day of August with twenty one members taking part. The play was enthusiastic, with delicious cakes and tea provided by the members.
IMG_2477 (5)
The end of the season is approaching but play will continue whilst the weather and the state of the courts allows. A programme of local winter walks followed by a pub lunch is planned.

Golding House Visitors

Billie with Simon - Croquet. 10 July 2013-1Last Wednesday, 10th July we had the pleasure of a visit from five adults from Golding House Resource Centre at Matlock. They are people with learning difficulties who live in Matlock, Darley Dale or Bakewell who regularly attend the Centre to take part in a wide variety of activities, many of which are provided by local clubs and individuals in the community.

This croquet session was an add-on to the walks provided by Terry Page, a full time Peak Park Ranger. Assisted by Billie, Carol, Avvy and Alan, we were able to enjoy some games of croquet on a beautiful summer’s day. The final session proved that “Girl Power” were the winners – one of the attached photos shows the two contestants celebrating with their carer Rachael.

We all had a really good time and they are sure to be back.



Girl Power - winning Team - Croquet - Bakewell. 10 July 2013  Alan,Hannah, & Tracy.  10 July 2013 Carol, Adam, Richard, Terry - Croquet. 10 July 2013

28th June 2013 – Federation of East Midlands Croquet Clubs (FEMCC) League

Bakewell A team (Judith Clay, Steve Marsh and Alan Reeves) played the second of their 1st division matches on Friday 28th June. It was a home game against Long Eaton which Bakewell won 9 games to 3. This evens us up with the 9 – 3 defeat we suffered at our first away game against Leicester. So 4 more matches to play, 2 at home and 2 away.
We are fortunate to have a relatively large pool of players to choose from compared with other clubs. Hopefully, all of the following will get to play in the 1st division. Peter Blackburn, Judith Clay, Bob Furniss, Steve Marsh, Alan Reeves, Peter Williams and George Wolfe.

Our next match will be at Branston (Lincolnshire) on Wednesday 10th July.


Bakewell Baking Festival

_DSC8908 _DSC8918 _DSC8912 _DSC8902

A few photographs of Bakewell Croquet Club when they enjoyed participating in the Bakewell Baking Festival at the request of the Mayor Paul Morgans, by playing croquet in the recreation ground for the entertainment of the public.

Click the images to see a larger version.

Peak Advertiser – 27th May 2013

articleBakewell Croquet Club started the season enthusiastically despite the chilly weather, it was hard to recognise anyone under the layers of woolly hats and scarves. However last weekend everything improved when the sun came out. Ten members went to enjoy a stay at The Ripon Spa Hotel and play on their superb courts. The mornings were spend playing a friendly tournament with the afternoons free to enjoy exploring the surrounding area. Some of our party took advantage of tuition from the hotel resident coach. As always the club has a busy calendar of events, including friendlies with other clubs, league games, two club tournaments and a BBQ. If anyone is wondering what croquet is all about, please come along to one of our club sessions and one of our members will be pleased to give you a taster lesson.

2013 Results

A team

Date Home Team Away Team Score
26th May 2013 LEICESTER BAKEWELL 9 – 3 Leicester win
28th June 2013 BAKEWELL LONG EATON 9 – 3 Bakewell win About
10th July 2013 BRANSTON BAKEWELL 6 -6 Draw
16th July 2013 BAKEWELL ASHBY 3 – 9 Ashby win
15th August 2013 WOODALL SPA BAKEWELL 8 – 4 Woodall Spa Win
27th August 2013 BAKEWELL NOTTINGHAM 7 – 5 Bakewell win

Bakewell A-team has come fourth (out of seven) in the GC Division 1 this year

B Team

Date Home Team Away Team Score
26th July 2013 BAKEWELL NORTH HYKEHAM 11 – 1 Bakewell win
1st August 2013 NOTTINGHAM BAKEWELL 7 – 5 Nottingham win
14th August 2013 BRANSTON BAKEWELL 7 – 5 Branston win
27th August 2013 DARLEY DALE BAKEWELL 8 – 4 Darley Dale win
13th September 2013 BAKEWELL LONG EATON 8 – 4 Bakewell win
21st September 2013 BAKEWELL TORKSEY 9 – 3 Bakewell win
28th September 2013 BAKEWELL RICHMOND PARK 4 – 8 Richmond Park win

and the B-team has come fifth (out of eight) in the GC Division 2