COVID-19 Rules


  • Play can either be two singles games on a lawn or one doubles game.
  • All players must observe the social distancing gap between players.
  • Play should be for 50 minutes only to allow for wiping down the equipment at the beginning and end of play and the lawn must be vacated before the next singles can start.
  • No adhoc play outside these times is permitted.

Before play and after play

  • There will be one pack of antibacterial sanitising wipes and one small tube of hand gel in each of the two trolleys.
  • Players must wipe down the trolley handles, hoop tops and the top of the centre peg where held, the ball holder handle, and the rubber mallet handle both before and after playing their singles game.
  • Players should not pick up the balls but move them with their mallets and if they touch any balls they need to wipe these also at the end of play.
  • It is recommended that one person only sets up the equipment, with a similar arrangement for putting it away.

Managing who plays when

Please use the BOOKING SYSTEM for members only.
  • All play must be booked beforehand. This is to ensure that a member will be able to play when they turn up at the recreation ground, and not find the lawns already fully occupied.
  • Play will be allocated in one hour slots. Members are responsible for setting up their own singles pair.
  • If there are any members who need opponents but do not have contact details of other players, please email the chair.

Other issues

  • The pavilion is not available and must not be accessed. This is a DDDC order based on Government guidelines.
  • The toilets in the park are restricted to 10.30am – 5.30pm.
  • For players coming to Bakewell by car please be aware that there has been much concern over social distancing in car parks.  Bakewell is exceptionally busy.  You may want to try to not park next to others unless you have too.